Axel Schwab – picturing Japan since 2009 

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Tokyo Photo is a growing gallery of Tokyo and its surroundings.

I have worked as an engineer in Japan for 5 years and now live in Munich. Nevertheless, I visit Tokyo often and go there every year since 2009 to shoot many new photos. My true passion is photography, travel and writing.

If  you are interested in using my photos commercially for books, magazines, catalogs or anything else*, please contact me so I can make you an attractive offer.  If you like a photo, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter, if you make a reference back to my site.

Please feel free to post comments or send me questions and feedback. I’d love to hear from you via E-mail, Twitter or Facebook. Please also check my other blogs on Japan in Berlin and Japan in Munich.

Axel Schwab

* Disclaimer: For legal reasons, some of the photos shown here are not available.

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